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by Dot on Gedaliah
Learning Self-Care

"I’m very grateful for the insights & support that I received from Gedalia’s Ayurveda & Marma practice. It taught me a lot and helped me become very aware of my body and mind responses to my past experiences. It has been such a beneficial experience to engage with her over the past year. Many thanks! DW "

by Liz Crawshaw on Gedaliah
Unlocking my spiritual side after trauma

Having studied some Ayurveda and incorporated elements into my daily routine, I was particularly interested to try Marma Therapy. After being rear-ended and struggling to work through some of the mental trauma, I decided to see if Marma therapy could help me to find balance again and move forward from the emotional numbness that I was feeling. Gedalia has a wonderful sense of calm and reassurance about her, which was very nourishing and allowed me to open up. I came out of my first session with an energy and lightness that I hadn't felt in a while, having experienced a profound sense of relaxation, but also a heightened sense of self and beyond. My breath was easy and unlabored as if a weight of emotion had been physically lifted. In subsequent sessions, I have felt my energy balance further to a point that I feel calm, but energized at the same time, and as though excess heat or cold has been able to re-distribute to a point of beneficial temperature regulation. I feel like I am able to get in touch with a spiritual side of myself that has been held back until now. The sessions have been invaluable.

by Shannon on Gedaliah
Clear Shift

Before each Marma session, I set an intention around an aspect of my life I'd like to improve. It's amazing how each area, whether family relationships, personal goals or professional aspirations, has been positively impacted.There is no doubt that working with Gedalia has caused an immediate shift in my energy to help clear away obstacles.Truly amazing!!

by D. Cain on Gedaliah
Now Unstuck

I had created a wall around my heart to "protect" me following the death of immediate family members and other circumstances that brought me great pain. A friend, who visits Gedalia often invited me to a Grief and Loss Workshop. I remembered how she had often exclaimed how much Gedalia has helped her so I thought I was willing to spend a couple of hours and a little money to find out what there might be for me. A group workshop felt like a safe environment to explore something new as I tend to be cautious that I'm only surrounding myself with good people and positive energy. Well, I found that and much more! Gedalia is a lovely person who exudes soft, centered, balanced, peaceful energy in an incredibly powerful and dynamic way. What a surprising balance! At the workshop, we very gently touched on each person's issues and were each given tools to begin to identify and deal with our loss and grief. From there I learned more about the chakras and was given a short Marma session. I walked away from the workshop feeling so much better and with some tools/knowledge that I could put to use immediately. I also walked away knowing that I wanted to experience a series of Marma sessions so I signed up for that soon. With each session, I was uplifted and opened up in a very profound way. The experience of the series of sessions brought me 180 degrees ... a major shift from dark to light, from despair to "I'm not only handling this, I'm progressing". In the few months that have followed, I feel very happy. I'm energetic & creative. My business is doing better than it has in a long while. Bonus that I've lost weight with little effort. I'm certain that I'm unstuck. I'm excited about what the next year will bring. I'll certainly be visiting Gedalia again for more support along life's journey.

by Susan on Gedaliah
Personal journal

After reading about possible benefits of adding Marma treatments to my protocol while on my personal journey of becoming well, I went to experience this approach, Gedaliahs techniques - as well as all of the Ayurveda tenants that support holistic wellbeing - are gaining momentum now because these can heal. I know that my personal bodily and mental health has been aided immensely through the sessions, which produce a profound level of whole body course correcting biologically and through channels which are utilizably inherent in nature. I believe without a doubt that this hasn't occurred because of a placebo effect, but rather by coaxing my body masterfully back to its natural state of coherency and healthy homeostasis.

by Connie Garcia on Gedaliah
Better sleep.

Meeting Dr. Gedalia has been one of the greatest pleasures ever. Being able to get better sleep, and deeply improving my relationship with food by reaching toward the origin of the issue instead of just using a "band aid", has been a valuable gift the universe have offered me. I certainly am very grateful for the health advice Dr.Gedalia has provided, and I look forward to attending my Marma sessions, which I have no words to describe the incredible feeling of love and well-being afterwards. Thank you Gedalia for the information.

by Adam on Gedaliah
Grief and Loss Class

Last nights workshop was amazing! I left feeling so free and calm, best I've felt in a long time. I would love to get that CD we listened to about toning our chakras.I have already told a patient of mine this morning about your workshop and shared your contact info. I will tell a few more woman later today and this week. Amazing experience matched with a wonderful human being, Thanks again! I will also be sending my girlfriend to a workshop as well.Dr. Podraza DC.

by Lorraine on Gedaliah
A Gift of Self Love

Meeting and working with Dr. Gedalia has been a very important step on my journey. Through Marma and consultation sessions I am more in my body than ever before. Her guidance, education and intuition have helped me take steps to take care of myself in more profound ways. I am able to be kinder to others as I have become more kind to myself. She is a blessing for women  in need of some much needed self love.

by Meg Ash on Gedaliah

I sought Gedalia's guidance in dealing with a bout of digestive symptoms. I knew I didn't want a strictly medical approach and I was curious about what the ancient science of Ayurveda had to say about digestion. Gedalia's vast knowledge of Ayurveda and her sensitive understanding that these symptoms had a message that if understood and addressed could lead to renewed health and vitality was just what I was hoping to find. I found her suggestions about diet helpful, flexible, and a return towards really listening to the wisdom of the body. Moreover, what really sets Gedalia apart from other practitioners is her highly intuitive nature, and her deep caring and compassion.. I recommend her wholeheartedly!

by Anonymous on Gedaliah

During my first Marma session I was able to enter a state of deep relaxation, which allowed me to process some emotions that had been dwelling within my body, likely contributing to my physical ailments. I was able to remember the joy of being a young girl, laughing and playing, completely carefree. Having such a clear picture of this time in my mind nurtured both my spirit and body. I had a sense of peace and calm throughout the next day. It was a gentle reminder to take time out from my busy life, recenter, and focus on things which are more meaningful in life.Gedaliah guided me through this process with compassion, using her professional skill and most importantly the wisdom she had attained through life and years of practice. She encouraged me to use tools that would work for me to process anger, grief, and various emotions...from art to prayer. Anyone who isn't addressing the mind-body pieces of their health puzzle, or just in need of a way to decompress and process grief...I highly recommend seeing Gedaliah for Marma!

by Abby Chandler on Gedaliah

Marma treatments with Dr. Gedaliah have been a transformative process for me. It's helped me see the world in an entirely new and positive way, which has led me to re-explore my creative side, and start living a healthy and full lifestyle again. It's hard to describe, but the Marma has helped so much with my stress and anxiety and mood that I feel like I'm finally me again. I leave each session uplifted, and hopeful for the first time in a long time. Totally life changing.

by Betsy Masarek on Gedaliah

After struggling with health issues (digestive problems and joint pain) brought on by grief and stress, I turned to treatment by Dr. Gedalia. It is so refreshing to have someone give me helpful suggestions of things "to do"" rather than a list of things "not to do". In just a few weeks I have seen a significant reduction in pain, am sleeping better and have even lost weight! I am very grateful to have found a new way of looking at health.

by Tonya Jubyna on Gedaliah
Progress - Finally!

Having been unable to find a resolution for my undiagnosed dis-ease in traditional Western medicine, I felt hopeless and frustrated. I was referred to Dr. Gedalia and Ayurveda two months ago and I am already so grateful!

The Marma Therapy has helped me mentally, emotionally and physically. The stress that has accompanied this illness for the past two years is beginning to dissipate. Dr. Gedalia's herbal and dietary recommendations have had a strong, positive impact as well.

After just a few appointments, I am feeling significantly better. When I leave Gedalia, I feel as if a bright healing light is radiating throughout my body. She is knowledgeable, compassionate and open-minded. It is obvious she takes a personal interest in her patient's well-being. Finally, I feel as if I am on the path back to optimal health!

by natalie weinmann on Gedaliah
Ayurvedic healing

After relocating to Atlanta 6 months ago my body felt off track to say the least. Being raised by a mother that follows a Ayurvedic lifestyle I was already a fan, but my weekly Marma sessions with Gedalia has changed that into becoming a committed follower.

When I was battling an infection that western medicine failed to diagnose Gedalia recommended herbs and also using nightly castor oil packages (3 days on 3 days off)...within the first week I felt like I was newborn and never had a problem. It healed and never returned. I have now incorporated the oil packages in my life (once a week) and it is amazing how it makes me feel and resets my body every time.

The Ayurvedic herbs and lifestyle recommendations Gedalia makes made a huge difference to my life. I feel truly supported in my path to feeling better and her education really shines as does her heart of compassion and endearing. Gedalia is a loving, wonderful person that is an amazing teacher of the Ayurvedic lifestyle.
Gedalia and Ayurvedic healing has completely changed my life for the better.

by Vickee on Gedaliah
The missing piece

I have struggled with health issues for 27 years off and on but about three years ago it turned into being debilitating and chronic. I believe this was from not getting proper care and following traditional medicine. So several years ago I turned to holistic medicine to help. I have gotten a lot better and believe I am on the road to a full recovery. Several months ago I was still struggling and I felt like there was something missing in my healing. I couldn't put my finger on it but I knew instinctively. Dr. Grossman suggested I see Gedalia and try Marma Therapy and Ayurvedic healing. I thought at this point what do I have to loose and I was hopeful this was the missing piece to my healing.

I am happy to say it was!!! Gedalia is wonderful, loving, sensitive and creates a safe environment for healing. She is very gifted in what she does and is very knowledgeable about helping to unblock stress, pain, emotions, creativity, etc. Actually I never connected how connected all this is to my actual physical health.

My husband even said something to me recently when we were talking. He said, "you have really changed, you seem calmer, more patient, loving and understanding. You just seem to be at peace and in a better place". I truly believe it has been the Marma. I just can't say enough about how life changing and healing this has been for me.

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