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“New Patient Consult”   50  minutes  $105

First time consultation for new clients.  Don’t know where to start? This consult is for you. Specific path to wellness will be determined at this session. This session may also include a brief Marma therapy.

Marma  Therapy

Introductory Marma Session $150 – 80 minutes with assessment of energy.

Marma session  $105 – 50 minutes ( does not include assessment)

This comprehensive session offers Ayurvedic Energy Balancing-Marma, focusing on opening and balancing energy flow according to the Indian energy system. Marma points, similar to acupressure points, are stimulated using essential oils. A sound tuning instrument is then used to ground and enhance breathing. Finally, balancing with gemstones completes this unique healing session.

This therapy helps to relieve anxiety, depression, grief, improve digestion, promote mental and emotional clarity,  and alleviate any type of pain, and supports ADD. Marma therapy is also anti-ageing and improves the skin.

Ayurvedic Marma Wellness Packages

Four Marma Sessions 80 Minutes Each – $520 (Single Session $150)

  • Marma Session One: Marma energy healing session with assessment of energy.

  • Marma Session Two:  Marma energy healing session with recommendations to balance energy type.

  • Marma Session Three: Marma energy healing session with integration.

  • Marma Session Four: Marma energy healing with path to wellness.

Four 50 minute Marma Package $360 (Single Sessions $105)

Learn how to promote good health, longevity and prevent disease by learning about your specific mind/body type as well as current imbalances. Gentle changes in  lifestyle and eating habits are recommended. Follow up consults may be recommended to integrate and understand these principles.

* Packages are non-refundable and non-transferable- 80 minutes includes discussion time

Ayurvedic Sampler Package – $300

Phase 1- Three 50 minute sessions

  • Session One: Marma Therapy- This session will focus on balancing your energy and pressing Marma points that address your specific health concerns.

  • Session Two: Tongue and Pulse Evaluation -By looking at the tongue current imbalances can be discovered. A pulse reading will also determine your constitution as well as any current imbalances. Begin to learn simple ways to balance  your energy type in this session as well as learn preventative practices.

  • Session Three:  Learn the principles of nutrition and receive herbal recommendations .

Ayurvedic Nutrition and Lifestyle Consult- 60 minutes $150

Meet with Gedalia and discuss your current health. Tongue and pulse will be evaluated. Gedalia will provide natural healing remedies to address your concerns. Her  background in Energy Medicine, Ayurveda and Naturopathy will influence this session.

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