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New Client Consult   50 minutes    -$105  

For all new patients.Gedalia will address client’s current health concerns.  Recommendations will be influenced by energy medicine, Ayurveda and natural healing.  A path to wellness will be discussed.


Introductory Marma Session   80 minutes- $125

This comprehensive session offers energy balancing, focusing on opening and balancing energy flow according to the Indian energy system. Marma points, similar to acupressure points, are stimulated using essential oils. A sound tuning instrument is then used to ground and enhance breathing. Finally, balancing with gemstones completes this unique healing session.

This therapy helps to relieve anxiety, depression, grief, improve digestion, promote mental and emotional clarity,  and alleviate any type of pain. Marma also supports ADD and ADHD. Marma therapy is anti-aging and improves the skin.

Single Marma 80 minute session after Intro- $150

Single Marma Session 50 minutes- $105- Package of four -$360                                                                                        

                           Marma Package of four 80 minute sessions-$520

Marma Session one: Marma energy healing session with assessment of energy.

Marma Session Two:  Marma energy healing session with recommendations to balance energy type.

Marma Session Three: Marma energy healing session with integration.

Marma Session Four: Marma energy healing with path to wellness.

* Packages are non-refundable and non-transferable- 80 minutes includes discussion


      Ayurvedic Sampler Package- Three 50 minute sessions- $250

This package begins your experience and practice of  the health benefits of ayurveda by discovering your unique mind/body type and current imbalances. Your daily interaction with simple recommendations will increase the effectiveness of this package and begin a journey toward optimal health on all levels.

Session One: Marma Therapy- This session will focus on balancing your energy through acupressure points on the body stimulating all bodily systems toward improved function.

Session Two: Tongue and Pulse Evaluation -By looking at the tongue current imbalances can be discovered. A pulse reading will also determine your constitution as well as any current imbalances. Begin to learn simple ways to balance  your energy type in this session as well as learn what causes imbalances. Simple yoga practices might be introduced as well as proper breathing techniques.

Session Three:  Learn the principles of nutrition and receive herbal recommendations.

Phase 2-  “Integrating” the principles learned in Phase 1 into your life- three 50 minute sessions- $250

Phase 3-  “Refinement” – fine tuning the practices- three 50 minute sessions- $250

                       Ayurvedic-Naturopathic Consult – 60 minutes  $125

One hour session for existing clients covering current imbalances and recommendations both through ayurveda and natural healing remedies such as herbs, essential oils, diet, yoga postures and meditation.




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