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Happy Holidays everyone! Thank you for the opportunity for allowing me to serve.

A famous healer, author, doctor, once told me years ago that my outgoing energy would heal me. At the time I was shy and reticent to share my gifts but now I see what he meant. 

Thank you for your appreciation, and thank you for your willingness, and openness to move through the dark into the light. You are always reminding the reason I keep offering.

Many blessings to you all in 2018 !



Gedalia Genin
Gedalia Genin
For more than 15 years, Gedalia has helped women spark new pathways to health and vitality by drawing on a wealth of holistic gems — Ayurveda, essential oils, gemstones, nutritional advice, sound healing, herbs and helping women reconnect with their creativity. With warmth and compassion, Gedalia works in partnership with her clients. Women who have faced even lifelong medical, emotional or other struggles, say they leave the sessions with a greater sense of wholeness, ease, and vitality.
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