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Dear friends,

I’ve been listening to Sri Karunamayi’s message and guidance for the solar eclipse according to Vedic teachings. I find it makes sense so I will share. Up to you what you ultimately do but good to know from a spiritual/astrological point of view what is advised.

Because of the darkness and electromagnetic energy, the earth has during the solar eclipse it can be cause for health problems both in the brain and in the body. Viruses and bacteria are said to spread during this time. Regular water and other food have bacteria during a solar eclipse.

These are two important tips:

  1. Best not to eat or drink during eclipse- shower and eat a few hours prior to the eclipse.
  2.  Meditation is heightened during a solar eclipse– meaning it is best to use the time to meditate and elevate your consciousness. In fact, spiritual practices like meditation or chanting are elevated to a higher power during a solar or lunar eclipse- prayer would then be included of any kind.

So if meditation was not on your plan for Monday, you might consider it now. Not a good idea to expose yourself to the electromagnetic energy, take trips to see it or be outside eating and drinking as many have already planned. Your choice of course.

In other words, take care and use this time to deepen yourself spiritually. It’s prime time according to the Vedas.







Gedalia Genin
Gedalia Genin
For more than 15 years, Gedalia has helped women spark new pathways to health and vitality by drawing on a wealth of holistic gems — Ayurveda, essential oils, gemstones, nutritional advice, sound healing, herbs and helping women reconnect with their creativity. With warmth and compassion, Gedalia works in partnership with her clients. Women who have faced even lifelong medical, emotional or other struggles, say they leave the sessions with a greater sense of wholeness, ease, and vitality.
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