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Gedalia Genin, PhD

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According to Kelly Brogan, MD– Author of the New York Times Bestseller A Mind of Your Own, “Energy medicine acknowledges that, fundamentally, our existence on this planet is attributable to unseen and poorly understood forces. These forces can be awakened and harnessed for spontaneous healing. Energy medicine does not rely on fallible beliefs about biology, the latest, greatest paper, nor the reigning trend in combating disease. It relies simply on the gifts of healers who can unlock the body’s natural potential. It’s simple, elegant, and powerful, and it puts us back in touch with our most fundamental driver- that chi, prana, shakti, or whatever word we use to describe the undeniable vital force that infuses our body with life and our mind with clarity and ease”.

“Each day of our lives we need to find the strength that allows us to take action with fierce love.
We need the strength to dust off the mirror of our consciousness and show up in ways that go beyond what we feel like or don’t feel like to fulfill our greater purpose and destiny.
For this we need a guide, a mentor, a healer, a compassionate listener, a safe environment; an attunement to our very own nature.
This is who I am and this is how I can serve you.”

Recent Testimonials

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