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Gedalia Genin, PhD

Recent Testimonials

by D. Cain on Gedaliah
Now Unstuck

I had created a wall around my heart to "protect" me following the death of immediate family members and other circumstances that brought me... Read More

by Susan on Gedaliah
Personal journal

After reading about possible benefits of adding Marma treatments to my protocol while on my personal journey of becoming well, I went to experience... Read More

by Connie Garcia on Gedaliah
Better sleep.

Meeting Dr. Gedalia has been one of the greatest pleasures ever. Being able to get better sleep, and deeply improving my relationship with food... Read More

by Adam on Gedaliah
Grief and Loss Class

Last nights workshop was amazing! I left feeling so free and calm, best I've felt in a long time. I would love to get that CD we listened to... Read More

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