Transforming women and children’s health and vitality using natural modalities.


I provide a holistic approach to whole health by combining ancient sciences of Ayurveda and energy medicine (Marma) with modern Naturopathy and emotional awareness therapies.
I understand how the health of body, mind, and spirit are integrated.
I provide a safe and nurturing environment for women and children.
My unique holistic approach aims to relieve grief and loss, stress and anxiety, pain and depression, hormonal imbalance and weight loss.
My practice is complimentary to other natural protocols such as acupuncture, chiropractic care and osteopathy.

How can I help you reclaim your inner glow & optimal health?

Watch Gedalia’s story – “Art and Healing” broadcast on Atlanta Interfaith Healing Television!

Recent Testimonials

by Susan on Gedaliah
Personal journal

After reading about possible benefits of adding Marma treatments to my protocol while on my personal journey of becoming well, I went to experience this approach, Gedaliahs techniques - as well as all of the Ayurveda tenants that support holistic wellbeing - are gaining momentum now because these can heal. I know that my personal bodily and mental health has been aided immensely through the sessions, which produce a profound level of whole body course correcting biologically and through channels which are utilizably inherent in nature. I believe without a doubt that this hasn't occurred because of a placebo effect, but rather by coaxing my body masterfully back to its natural state of coherency and healthy homeostasis.

by Connie Garcia on Gedaliah
Better sleep.

Meeting Dr. Gedalia has been one of the greatest pleasures ever. Being able to get better sleep, and deeply improving my relationship with food by reaching toward the origin of the issue instead of just using a "band aid", has been a valuable gift the universe have offered me. I certainly am very grateful for the health advice Dr.Gedalia has provided, and I look forward to attending my Marma sessions, which I have no words to describe the incredible feeling of love and well-being afterwards. Thank you Gedalia for the information.

by Adam on Gedaliah
Grief and Loss Class

Last nights workshop was amazing! I left feeling so free and calm, best I've felt in a long time. I would love to get that CD we listened to about toning our chakras.I have already told a patient of mine this morning about your workshop and shared your contact info. I will tell a few more woman later today and this week. Amazing experience matched with a wonderful human being, Thanks again! I will also be sending my girlfriend to a workshop as well.Dr. Podraza DC.

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