Can Stress, Anxiety, Fatigue, Hormonal Imbalance, and
Grief be Affecting Your Health?

Gedalia Genin, PhD

Ayurvedic Health Consultant

 Holistic Intuitive™  

Sparking new pathways to women’s health and vitality

Recent Testimonials

by Dot on Gedaliah
Learning Self-Care

"I’m very grateful for the insights & support that I received from Gedalia’s Ayurveda & Marma practice. It taught me a lot and helped... Read More

by Liz Crawshaw on Gedaliah
Unlocking my spiritual side after trauma

Having studied some Ayurveda and incorporated elements into my daily routine, I was particularly interested to try Marma Therapy. After being... Read More

by Shannon on Gedaliah
Clear Shift

Before each Marma session, I set an intention around an aspect of my life I'd like to improve. It's amazing how each area, whether family relationships... Read More

by D. Cain on Gedaliah
Now Unstuck

I had created a wall around my heart to "protect" me following the death of immediate family members and other circumstances that brought me... Read More

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